I-NRD - WSC IMSA Prototype Race Car 1994

IMSA WSC 1994 Driven by Wayne Taylor and Jim Downing

IMSA WSC Prototype Driven by Wayne Taylor and Jim Downing 1994

In 1994, we were fortunate to be given the opportunity by the Downing/Atlanta organization to install a prototype I-NRD in their race car for the 24 hours of Daytona race. This I-NRD had not been previously tested during any of the practices or qualifying events for this race so this was a very courageous decision by the team.

This design concept achieved many of the target goals established in 1985 for this product such as a low acoustical signature combined with a small package, a low weight and minimal, if any, engine power loss. The small size and low weight for the I-NRD were imperative requirements for its use in a prototype race car that had very demanding weight and space constraints.

The performance of the engine with the I-NRD was not affected as this race car had similar lap times during the race as it did during practice and qualifying when using their muffler. The car was able to finish second in its class after the 24 hour race and lost by very small margin to the more powerful V-8 powered prototype race car.

The acoustical performance of this I-NRD was so impressive that the engine director for the Downing/Atlanta race team, Mr. Rick Engman, commented that he was very worried at the beginning of the race because he kept hearing strange noises every time the race car went by the Daytona pits which he had never heard before. He then realized that the exhaust noise had dropped to such a low level with the aid of the I-NRD that for the first time he was able to hear the straight cut transmission gears rattling inside the gear box.

This I-NRD concept also provided for the first time such a low outside skin temperature that the mechanics working on the car during pit stops could work comfortably in its proximity without risk of getting injured or burned. The only limitation of this I-NRD concept was that it would have required to be rebuilt on a regular basis throughout the season.

We want to thank Mr. Jim Downing and Mr. Rick Engman and the rest of the Downing/Atlanta Staff for their assistance with this project.


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