I-Rotary Apex Seals

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The Patent Pending, Iannetti designed, I-Rotary Metallic Apex Seal is manufactured to provide the highest performance and durability available for any high power or competition Mazda Rotary Engine.  The I-Rotary Metallic Apex Seal is the result of an extensive 24+ year research and development process: I-Rotary Apex Seal History

For more information about using the I-Rotary Apex Seal: FAQ:  I-Rotary Apex Seal


Learn about the Incredible I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seal Here


Features of the I-Rotary Metallic Apex Seal

  • Custom material properties designed for strength, toughness, high temperature exposure, low wear and kindness to the rotor housing.
  • Extensive testing performed during all phases of production to ensure consistent material properties so that maximum performance with the lowest wear is achieved.
  • High level of precision - every I-Rotary Apex Seal is individually inspected to provide dimensional consistency from set to set.
  • Ideal applications include supercharged, turbocharged or nitrous oxide engines for road racing, drifting, time attack and drag racing cars.


    Benefits of the I-Rotary Metallic Apex Seal

    The consistent material properties and dimensions of the I-Rotary Apex Seal:

    • Predictable engine tuning and performance from seal set to seal set
    • Practically eliminates the need to custom fit each rotor groove to the apex seal, as is usually required with most other products. This means that a lot less time is spent during assembly.  It is just like installing a set of stock Mazda apex seals.
    • Reproducible engine break in period.
    • Faster engine starts - similar to an engine using stock Mazda apex seals.
    • Reduced fuel use due to better sealing performance - less wasted fuel coming out of the tail pipe.
    • And most importantly, more horsepower due to better sealing compression at high RPM.


     Learn about the Incredible I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seal Here


    For more information about using the I-Rotary Apex Seal: FAQ:  I-Rotary Apex Seals
    These I-Rotary Apex Seals are competition components and are sold "As Is" and without warranty of any kind.  All implied warranties including all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed. Purchaser acknowledges that they shall be responsible for and bear any and all costs associated with the use of these I-Rotary Apex Seals. Purchaser acknowledges that installation of these I-Rotary Apex Seals may cause the vehicle to be unable to be lawfully used on public highways and assumes all risks and expenses thereof.

    Extremely Important: Do not use these parts in any type of Aircraft or Flying Vehicle