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The I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seal has also been successfully tested in a performance / racetrack car application.  These tests have been performed by Mr. Myles Fisher in his personal RX-8.  He has considerable experience in assembling successful Renesis engines at various Mazda and independent dealerships as well as in other venues.  Mr. Fisher is a person of high integrity and an excellent engine builder with a high attention to detail. He is someone for whom we have a great deal of respect.

To date, he has assembled and tested two sets of the I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seals in the engine of his personal RX-8 car.  Both engine builds have run without any issues, even though he drives the car almost always shifting at maximum RPM.

He has frequently commented on how the engines assembled with I-Rotary Apex Seals always start on the first or second crank of the ignition key, regardless of how cold or hot the engine is, or irrespective of how hot or cold the outside temperature is.

The 1st Renesis Engine Assembled with the I-Rotary Apex Seals

The 1st engine build was assembled with the I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seal in mid-2021.  This 1st set completed around 30,000 miles (~48,000 km) before the engine had to be taken apart due to a cracked side seal caused by an over-rev event.  According to Mr. Fisher, this over-rev situation happened during the early life of this engine build.

This 1st engine build with ~30,000 miles (~48,000 km) also experienced 5 hours of road racing at a high-speed racetrack when Mr. Fisher went to his first driving school.  This race event took place when the engine had completed around 3,000 miles (~4,800 km).

At this event, he was the fastest RX-8 competing against three other RX-8 cars.  The second fastest RX-8 car at this event belonged to the driving instructor of the event.

The instructor’s car was a highly modified racetrack prepped RX-8.  This car had extensive suspension work, a roll cage, free-flowing cat-back exhaust and it was much lighter due to the removal of many components such as several pieces from the interior of the car.  The engine in the driving instructor’s RX-8 car had been assembled with Mazda Renesis apex seals by an established Renesis engine builder in the southeast with an excellent reputation for building very reliable RX-8 engines.

It is important to mention again that this was the first race event for Mr. Fisher which means that the better lap time was as much related to the more powerful engine as it was to his performance driving skills.

In summary the results from this High-Performance / Racetrack test are:

  • The wear rate of the I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seals after 30,000 miles (~48,000 km) was very similar to what is typically observed in Renesis engines using the Mazda Renesis apex seal under similar conditions.  The measured height wear of the I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seals after ~30,000 miles (~48,000 km) was an average of 0.009 in. (0.228 mm).  The wear of the I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seals in the rotor with the broken side seal was ~0.012 in. (0.305 mm) while the wear rate of the I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seals in the good rotor was an average of 0.006 in. (0.152 mm)

  • The rotor housing riding surfaces of these I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seals were very smooth without any major side lip or pits.

  • The I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seals maintained their flatness similarly to the factory Renesis apex seals.

  • The rotor housings in this engine were in excellent condition and similar to the condition that he has observed in engines using the Mazda Renesis apex seal with this amount of use time.

The 2nd Renesis Engine Build Assembled with the I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seals

Mr. Fisher assembled this engine for a second time with a new set of I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seals.  He used the same rotor housings because, as mentioned earlier, these housings were in excellent condition.

After an extensive Break-In period that lasted over 1,000 miles (~1,600 km), Mr. Fisher mentioned that the Cold Compression in this engine with the 2nd set of new I-Rotary Renesis Apex Seals was still increasing.

As of the publishing of these results, this 2nd engine has already completed ~6,000+ miles (~9650+ km) and it is still running strong.

Mr. Fisher has continued to drive his RX-8 car, as he always does, very hard!


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